Pass the CISSP on first attempt, guaranteed

  • DEA/DES — uses 64 bit encryption that has effectiveness of 56 bits.
  • 3DES — 112 bit effective key length; encrypts a message three times with multiple keys.
  • AES — use the Rinjdael algorithm with key/block sizes of 128, 192, 256 bits and 10, 12, 14 rounds of encryption.
  • Diffie Hellman — first public key crypto algorithm. Enables two systems to generate a symmetric key securely without requiring a previous relationship.
  • RSA — relies of difficulty of finding prime factorization of large numbers.
  • ECC — computes discrete logarithms over elliptic curve group.



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Roman Romanenco

Roman Romanenco

Writing about tech spaces I am passionate about, security engineering, information security, blockchain and web3.